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WiFi Rentals

Temporary WiFi Rental Solutions for the South African Events Industry.

Our base WiFi rentals package includes:

Unlimited WiFi Data for the duration of the event.

LTE Routers x 3 carriers for ultimate reception with load balancing.

Cambium Access Points x 1 for 360 degree reception.

A managed switch for remote monitoring and management during your event.

Booster aerials as needed.

Includes logo based splash landing page with fields and options for lead capture (visitor registration).

We cover all areas where LTE reception is available.

The WiFi Rentals pricing is currently on promotion at R4 950 per day.

Our 3-day promotion  is R9 950 for the 3-days and it is for the full service package, which includes 300 Gig anytime daily data.

These promotions are for Gauteng only.

These packages include:

4 heavy duty routers with LTE Sim cards included.

The routers are managed by load balancing thus ensuring the best bandwidth and signal for each device.

The price includes 100 Gig anytime data per day.

We include a long range Access Point with each setup to ensure that the WiFi can reach maximum distances.

These systems can handle 100 concurrent users and caters for up to 200 people per day.

We will design a branded login splash page for you at no charge if needed.

In addition you can also get all the data of guests that used the WiFi at the event should you require, also at no extra cost.

Please complete the quote application form on this page below to receive an official quote.

We are flexible and in emergency situation we can deliver your WiFi within a few hours in and around the major centres.

We will send you a spreadsheet with the login details of all users during your event. This usually includes their names, cell phone number and email address. We request their permission for you to contact them after the event.

Event wifi indoor
Standard Bank Gallery WiFi
Standard Bank Gallery WiFi Rear View
WiFi Rental login splash page.

We will assist you with creating your splash page with your logo and background image. 

You may also record the details of the people who use your WiFi on the day. 

There is allowance for a tick box where they provide their permission.

Fashion Event at The Leonardo in Sandton

New! Emergency WiFi Rentals

Do you need WiFi for an event or conference that is starting in a few hours or tomorrow morning?

Help is at hand.

SKYFIELD has just launched an emergency WiFi service in the greater Gauteng area.

Just give us a call at 083 350 7640 and we will assist you immediately.

For small events, the WiFi cost starts from R3 450 per day excluding delivery and VAT.

This is a very high-tech solution with 4 routers, a wide range access point, and 3 service provider aggregation systems to ensure you have maximum signal and speed quality.

This solution is also available as a short-term WiFi solution for businesses that are awaiting their fibre installations or just need immediate WiFi for the short term.

Wi-fi symbol

LTE WiFi Rental Hotspot

The LTE WiFi Hotspot rental offering is ideal for smaller events or conferences where you have in the region of about 32 people that need Internet at the same time.

Login splash pages for visitor registration are free with this solution.

WiFi set up at event
Outdoor WiFi at Voortrekker Monument

Wide Range 200 Connections

Event WiFi and connectivity for up to 200 concurrent users with an extended reception range make this a highly effective solution for  medium sized indoor or outdoor sports events or festivals. Full 360 degree reception comes standard and additional Access Points are available for range extension outdoors. Login splash pages for visitor registration are free with this solution.

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If you need WiFi on the go, SKYFIELD now offers a truly mobile solution, the WiFi Wagon.
Simply drive the wagon to where you need WiFi and let your guests log on and enjoy their free event WiFi.
Park it next to your Rugby field, at any sports event, function, or festival. Branding is optional.

The WiFi Wagon

5G wifi rental

5G WiFi Rentals Johannesburg

5G WiFi Rentals are now available in Gauteng. Please contact us for more information.

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