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Are you and your agency clients
often looking for something
new and different when it comes to event rental products?

Something that has not been seen often before or that just lights up the event and gets your visitors to engage just that little bit longer and makes them feel they are attending something special?

Consider these latest event rental products for your next event or tradeshow. And delight your visitors.

Digital Touchscreen - 55 Inch Android OS

Touch Screen with Graphics, Video, Sound and full Interactive Abilities.

The touchscreen layout can be adapted to almost any type of layout, it can be WiFi-enabled or work as a stand-alone screen.

Add click-through links to any web-based content or play video. Screen sections can carousel into additional designs too.

All artwork and creative can be pre-uploaded to the device.

Interactive Product Guides and Catalogues

Easily display your products in full colour via pageable PDFs or any interactive brochure type that works with touchscreen links.

Website or eCommerce Link Up available

Link directly to your website or online store to make sales or generate leads.

PLEASE “Get Your  FREE Quote” well in advance of your event, items are reserved on a first-confirmed are first booked basis.

Apply today and avoid being disappointed.

LCD Touchscreen Digital Display with 55” Screen

NO More Boring Directional Signage

Portable Lightboxes Are Here!

Light up your event during the day or night.

These portable lightboxes use transparent backlit film and can be powered by cable or portable power supply.

Place them wherever you need them. 

Indoor Lightboxes

Ideal for highlighting products or demarcating event areas. 

Outdoor lightboxes

Makes it easy to show directions to outdoor areas at night. The outdoor lightboxes are waterproof. 

Indoor Lightbox portrait

Surveys & Guest Registration Made EASY

And Exciting...

Registration at an event is a breeze with this registration kiosk. We will assist you with creating or uploading your form or survey software, full colour with sound and all the features that come with the Android OS.

To liven things up or surprise your guests we can even add exciting games, scratch cards, slots and prize giveaways for registrants.

Online & Interactive

Easily updates to any recognised online survey application or database software.

Auto Sanitizer Built In

Help your guests keep their hands fresh and clean with a quick auto boost of sanitizer. 

Event Rental Product - Hand Sanitiser with Touchscreen Digital Display

10.1 Inch Connex Serenity Android OS Tablet Rentals

On Promotion until March 2023

Ideal For Outdoor and Indoor Use

The Connex Serenity Android Tablet Rentals are ideal for doing surveys or showing off promotional catalogs or any online tasks. 

Promoters have indicated that they prefer using a cheaper tablet option because then they do not have to fear that they might get robbed as is the case with more expensive iPads or Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Event Rental Product - Tablet & Stand Combo
Event Rental Product - Tablet & Data Rental
Event Rental Product - Android Tablet Rental

Event WiFi Rental

Drive On WiFi!

Do you need WiFi for your event in a hurry or just need it to reach more far off outdoor areas, then our drive on WiFi Wagon option is what you need. Vehicle branding is optional. 

Temporary Event WiFi

We provide temporary WiFi for any indoor or outdoor event. This option includes a branded logon splash page and guest data may be recorded with the guest’s permission. Many other options like sending coupons, emails, welcome letter and other options are available.


We have special Live-streaming WiFi routers that are specifically configured for live-streaming via any streaming service and with the support of our Amazon Server supporting software.

Live-streaming drive on WiFi Wagon Ideal for sports field and other outdoor events

Charging Stations

Mobile Phone Charging on the GO!

These battery charging stations are supplied with phone fittings for the latest mobile devices. It has a double-sided image screen structure for video or picture display with scrolling capability.

Table Top Phone Charger Rental with video display

Counter Top Displays - Video and Images

For Tradeshow Counter Tops and Table Talkers at Conferences

This device has sound, video and image capabilities and comes with a rechargeable battery.

Table Top Shelf Talkers

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How To Hire Our Event Rental Products

To hire any of our event rental products simply click on the “Request Product Information” button below and complete the form attached, please advise us of your event dates so that we can verify if we have the items in stock for your event dates.

We do not bill for the day before the event (delivery day) or the day after the event (collection day).

PLEASE “Get Your  FREE Quote” well in advance of your event, items are reserved on a first confirmed are first booked basis.

Apply today and avoid being disappointed.

You can request any of our products by selecting them on the popup form.

Once we receive your request we will immediately respond.

Some previous projects

Setting up event for live-streaming

Streaming WiFi

Powering 8 camera's to livestream at the African Fashion International.

WiFi set up at event

Outdoor WiFi

Providing WiFi for staff and visitors at the Voortrekker Monument in Tswane.

Event wifi indoor

Indoor WiFi

Indoor WiFi for visitors to the Standard Bank Art Gallery

Our products at work

Touchscreen Registration Kiosk

Registration Kiosk

Touchscreen visitor registration kiosk with automated sanitiser system at CubeWS.

Event Rental Products - Lightboxes

Portable Lightboxes

Indoor and Outdoor Lightboxes for daytime or night-time use.

Event Rental Products - Touchscreen Portable Billboard

Portable Billboard

Portable touchscreen used as advertising screen with messaging carousel.

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