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Unlocking the Power of Directional Signage on Android TV Screens for Event Success

In the age of digital technology, Android TV screens have emerged as powerful tools for event organizers to enhance the attendee experience and effectively communicate important information. 

Among the various applications of Android TV screens, directional signage stands out as a crucial replacement for non-reusable printed signage.

Directional and event signage mock up

SKYFIELD can assist you with the entire set up from the screen rental to artwork to in-event updates, so let’s explore the many uses of directional signage on Android TV screens during events and how it can optimize engagement, navigation, and overall event success.

  • Enhancing Wayfinding and Navigation with Directional Signage

Directional signage on Android TV screens plays a pivotal role in helping attendees navigate event spaces efficiently.

By displaying interactive maps, floor plans, and directional cues, event organizers can eliminate confusion and provide clear directions. 

These digital signboards can be strategically placed at key locations such as entrances, registration areas, session rooms, and exhibition halls to guide attendees seamlessly throughout the event venue.

  • Real-Time Schedule and Session Updates are Done for You

Events often involve dynamic schedules and last-minute changes. 

Android TV screens equipped with directional signage allow organizers to display real-time schedule updates, session information, and speaker details.

 By keeping attendees informed about any schedule changes, such as room swaps or session cancellations, these screens ensure attendees stay up to date and make the most of their event experience.

The below video depicts some slide ideas you can place on directional signage.

  • Promoting Event Highlights and Sponsors 

Directional signage on Android TV screens can also serve as a platform to highlight key event features, special sessions, and sponsor information. 

With vibrant visuals, eye-catching animations, and engaging content, event organizers can leverage these screens to promote featured sessions, workshops, networking events, or sponsor booths. 

This enables sponsors to gain maximum visibility and attendees to stay informed about the most exciting aspects of the event.

  • Social Media Integration and User-Generated Content

Integrating social media feeds and user-generated content into directional signage on Android TV screens encourages attendee engagement and interaction. 

By displaying event-specific hashtags, live tweets, Instagram photos, or Facebook posts, organizers can create a dynamic and participatory atmosphere. 

Attendees can also share their experiences, ask questions, or provide feedback through these screens, fostering a sense of community and interactivity.

  • Emergency Alerts and Important Announcements 

During large-scale events, it’s crucial to have a reliable communication system in place for emergency situations and important announcements. 

Android TV screens with directional signage functionality can serve as an efficient platform for broadcasting emergency alerts, safety guidelines, and event updates. 

These screens can be strategically positioned throughout the venue to ensure maximum visibility and immediate dissemination of critical information.

  • Touch screens and TV screens are available as Directional Signage Devices

Android TV screens equipped with directional signage are available as portrait format touch screen devices or as non-touch landscape format Android TV devices.

Certain of the interactive functions mentioned above and below are only available on touch screen devices.


Directional signage on Android TV screens has revolutionized event management by providing versatile and impactful communication tools. 

From enhancing wayfinding and navigation to promoting event highlights and engaging attendees through social media integration, these screens have become indispensable for modern events. 

By leveraging the power of Android TV screens, event organizers can optimize attendee engagement, improve navigation, and ultimately ensure a successful event experience.

Our Directional and Event Signage is available on many screen formats.
From 32-inch landscape screens to our huge 55-inch portrait touch screens.

Digital Touch screen rental for office use

View our 55" Android Touch Screen In Action

All media assets are pre-loaded for easy play during your event. 

WiFi connection supplied for updates or Internet access during the event.

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Touch screen rental at Decorex

Touch screen in action at Decorex

Footprint Architects put their touch screen rental to good use by using it as a display of their previous projects and to gather leads via the form builder software.

Touch screen in action at Live Concert

The screens were placed on each side of the stage while the artist were performing. Various video and image ads were rotating throughout the event.

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