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Revolutionize Your Reception Area or Boardroom with a State-of-the-Art Touch Screen Kiosk

Enhance Efficiency, Impress Visitors, and Stay Ahead in the Digital Age

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses must constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

One area where companies are increasingly focusing their attention is the reception area or boardroom.

These spaces serve as gateways to the organization, where important first impressions are made and crucial meetings take place.

To create a lasting impact, more and more businesses are turning to touch screen kiosk rentals, powerful tools that are revolutionizing how we interact with information.

A touch screen kiosk is a self-contained device equipped with a user-friendly interface that responds to touch gestures.

It serves as an interactive information hub, seamlessly integrating into your reception area or boardroom.

From welcoming guests and providing real-time updates to streamlining processes and engaging visitors, the possibilities are endless.

Digital Touch screen rental for office use

This Huge 55-inch Digital Android Touch Screen Kiosk turns your reception or boardroom into a WOW experience for visitors and staff alike.

  • Update your staff daily on new developments in the company
  • Allow your visitors to experience your company in full digital interactive touch mode
  • Promote your brand in full digital video, images, and audio to everyone who visits your reception, boardroom, or public areas
  • Serve as a notice board

10 benefits of using a Touch Screen Kiosk for your business:

  1. Profile your board of directors and team members in full colour
  2. Display videos and product images to help stakeholders understand your product offerings
  3. Share full displays of your company profile
  4. Show footage and photo stories of your previous projects
  5. Provide click-troughs to your website, social channels, and sign-up forms
  6. To display catalogues simply swipe from one page to the next. 
  7. This is the perfect tool to launch new products with at your next exhibition or showroom.
  8. Show company news, dashboards, and other important information.
  9. Stream important news events or even sports events
  10. The screen is mobile and can be moved around your building or used at exhibitions and events


It is super easy to use.

It is super easy to update.

The screen design can be made up to have several clickable blocks to navigate to other pages.

No maintenance is needed except for cleaning the screen occasionally.

Allows your visitors to interact with your company whilst they wait in the reception area.

Plus it is Android Operating System powered so you can install and run any Android Application from the play store to use for presentations, whiteboard touch, catalogues, your website, videos and any other creative messaging.

The screen is made to run for years on end so no need to switch it on and off if you don’t want to.

 How to get this screen:

The screens are available to rent on a monthly basis with a minimum 6-month contract, click here for information about daily or weekly touch screen kiosk rentals.

We will install the initial artwork for you.

We will deliver your touch screen kiosk rental to your offices and install it.

Only available in Gauteng. 


View our 55" Android Touch Screen In Action

All media assets are pre-loaded for easy play during your event. 

WiFi connection supplied for updates or Internet access during the event.

Touch screen YouTube Thumbnail
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Call SKYFIELD on 084 825 8000

Touch screen rental at Decorex

Touch screen in action at Decorex

Footprint Architects put their touch screen rental to good use by using it as a display of their previous projects and to gather leads via the form builder software.

Touch screen in action at Live Concert

The screens were placed on each side of the stage while the artist were performing. Various video and image ads were rotating throughout the event.

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