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Live Streaming WiFi Rentals

We provide Live Streaming WiFi Rental Solutions for the South African Events Industry.

Live Streaming has become a valuable way to connect with more people that want to engage with your event or brand.

SKYFIELD now offers you an anywhere, anytime Live Streaming WiFi Rental Solution.

You can stream to any of the well-known social media platforms or to your own platform.

Our WiFi system works on LTE and is tried and tested, it consistently provides speeds of between 50mbps and 100mbps if not more, providing the venue has a good LTE signal.

We even have a mobile WiFi Wagon that can simply drive onto sports fields and other outdoor venues to provide you with immediate Live Streaming capabilities.

Load shedding is not a problem, as we also provide UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to ensure your feed stays live.

Please note, we only supply Live Streaming WiFi Rental service and do not do the actual streaming services, you will have to provide your own cameras and streaming hardware, and streaming software.

We cover all areas where LTE reception is available.

The Live Streaming WiFi Rental service starts at R6500 per day for the full service package.

We only provide the Live Streaming WiFi Rental, you need to provide your own streaming set up and camera’s.

Our solution provides high speeds but it is depending on the strength of the LTE signal at your event.

Once we know where your event venue is, we will be able to give you a more exact answer on the speeds.

Live-streaming drive on WiFi Wagon Ideal for sports field and other outdoor events

Call SKYFIELD on 084 825 8000

If you need WiFi on the go, SKYFIELD now offers a truly mobile solution, the WiFi Wagon.
Simply drive the wagon to where you need WiFi and let your guests log on and enjoy their free event WiFi.
Park it next to your Rugby field, at any sports event, function, or festival. Branding is optional.

The WiFi Wagon

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