Hospitality WiFi Solutions

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Hospitality WiFi Solutions

Monetise Your Free WiFi Offering and Get More Regularly Returning Customers!

With SKYFIELD Hospitality WiFi Solutions your WiFi turns from a cost centre into a profit centre.

Make sure happy customers return to your venue more often and become raving fans.

The SKYFIELD Hospitality WiFi software. A compatible Access Point (AP) device. Fibre or LTE Internet connection.  SKYFIELD will provide all the required products or build onto your current infrastructure.

There are many ways our systems help you generate more turnover. Our favourite is the marketing automation that allows you to communicate with the customer by using pre set up communications and long term campaigns that inspires and rewards them to return to your venue more often. Customers have reported that just by reminding them about your venue it shares more top of mind awareness with them and thus they return more often.

Pricing is dependant on your needs. We offer a “Done For You”, a “Done With You” and a “Done By You” package. Your needs within each of these packages will differ and so will the pricing. Our belief is that whatever you spend, you need to make 10 times that back in profit or you should cancel your service. 

Simply click the “Get Estimate” button above or below and a trained technology marketer will get in touch with you to discuss whether this solution is right for you.

Call SKYFIELD on 084 825 8000

Hospitaly WiFi Solutions 10X revenue driver

Hospitality WiFi Solutions by SKYFIELD will help you 10X Your Revenue VS Marketing Spend.

 Each month we add more and more impact to your marketing campaigns thus ensuring that we live up to our promise that each Rand you spend with us will deliver 10X the revenue back to you, give us a call to find out how!

Hospitality WiFi Solutions used by freelancer

Increase Your Customer Lifetime Spend.

From the freelance designer who works at your coffee shop each day to the businessman that returns to your hotel every month, building loyalty campaigns is at the heart of increasing your customer lifetime spend. We will help you make it happen.

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Hospitality WiFi Solutions is a Win-Win for All.

You reward your customers for being loyal and returning to your venue often. They reward you by spending more each month, sharing their visit to your venue on their social profiles and by recommending your venue to their friends because they feel they are being looked after well.

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Get More Reviews And Jump To The Top Of Tripadvisor.

your patrons are urged to provide reviews and the more positive reviews you get, the better you will feature on sites like Tripadvisor and Google.

Hospitality WiFi

Customer Logon Is Easy And Social

By using their social profiles to login it makes it easier for the customer, no more filling in of name, email address and telephone numbers so that you can communicate with them in future. Out system automatically provides you with this data.

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