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SKYFIELD Marketing are suppliers of event WiFi rentals, electronic and digital event display products and the technology that supports it.

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Event WiFi Rentals & Technology

We help you enable your staff and promoters with the right tools to ensure successful prospect communication systems.

WiFi helps to enable visitors to your stand or event to engage with your website or mobile applications, we also provide you with full data and login reports. Additional services include immediate follow-up emails and surveys.

Reliable Event WiFi Connection

Event WiFi and temporary WiFi rentals are all built with double failsafe fall-over solutions, ensuring that your WiFi connection is stable all the time. 

Call SKYFIELD on 084 825 8000

Live Streaming WiFi Rental

We offer top of the range Live Streaming WiFi Rental solutions

Some of our Valued Clients

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Just Launched

Portable Lightboxes

Our new range of Indoor and Outdoor Lightboxes has just arrived.


Our product range is available nationwide and can be rented on a short or long term basis with 24 hour technical support available.

Temporary WiFi Access Point

Ensure your guest have Internet connectivity in and around your event setup. Login splash pages help you create new leads and redirects to your website or adverts are available as part of the set up process.

iPad for rent

Tablets are in ideal option for event lead generation and promotions. Options are available for software that includes, surveys, competitions and more.

Touchscreen computer rentals

We provide a high quality range of Samsung touch screen computers for event displays, ideal for event check-in desks too.

Video based mobile charging station and table talker

These super fast iPhone and Android phone battery chargers will display your video or image based messaging whilst patrons are charging their phones.

Table Top Shelf Talkers

The table talker digital displays and desktop media players are ideal for presenting video adverts and other content to expo stand visitors or in reception and restaurant areas. 

Event Applications

Our event-based applications include event registration, RSVP, surveys, competitions, and more.

They are custom branded for you and can be used online and offline.

Tech based gifts

Promotional gifts and clothing to match your event needs.

We also import a range of “new-to-market” technology-based gifts.

Restaurant wifi

Restaurant, hotel, and function venues will love our social marketing-based WiFi solutions.

Once guests log in to your WiFi an entire range of marketing options become available to you.

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Innovate South Africa


Marketing Channel

Android screens and sanitizer

Digital Branding

Android Screens & Sanitizers

Ideal for conference entrance halls and product presentations

"Remotely unify all your devices or display different content on devices in different locations or stores."
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New!! - Battery Charging Video & Content Players

Use at your event to promote your products with video adverts or create a permanent network throughout your stores nationwide. Your adverts can be updated anytime via the built in WiFi network and software on each device. Ask us how…

Table Top Phone Charger Rental with video display

Need a free WiFi solution to offer your hospitality patrons?

The SKYFIELD hospitality WiFi solution offers login via social media which allows you to gain more knowledge about your client and provide them with new offers. Furthermore, you can remarket them via email or platforms such as FaceBook, Instagram, Google Search Ads and more.

SKYFIELD can help you build and entire 90 day to 1 year continuous marketing campaign for each specific client, complete with vouchers, review requests, discounts and loyalty campaigns.

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