Tablet Rentals

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Tablet Rentals

Tablet Rentals for Surveys, Exhibitions, Events and Functions.

Tablet rentals include iPads, Galaxy Tabs and other android tablets.

The tablets are available for rental on a daily or weekly basis. In addition you can also rent your tablet with 2GB of data pre-loaded. 

All tablets come with Body Glove protectors and various stands and brackets are available.

Tablet rentals are available on a daily, weekly or monthly rental basis.

We Offer:

  • Tablet Rentals For Surveys
  • Tablet Rentals For Events
  • Survey Applications For Events
  • Tablets With Data To Rent
  • Cheap Tablet Rentals
  • Tablet Rentals For Promotions
  • Long-Term Tablet Rentals

Our cheapest tablet rental is the Connex Serenity Android 10.1 Inch tablet. These highly durable and easy to use tablets are available for just R199 per day or R549 per week.

Between R199 and R675 per day, depending on the device required.

Our base package for a tablet plus 2GB of data is R349 per day. Other packages are available too. All our tablet rentals also have WiFi connectivity options.

We currently offer the iPad 6 and iPad mini for rent.

We will deliver and collect the tablets at your offices if required.

Event Rental Product - Tablet & Data Rental
Event Rental Product - Android Tablet Rental

Tablet stands are available for exhibition use and we have a range of smaller boardroom type stands too.

Call SKYFIELD on 084 825 8000

App Store Logos

Mobile Applications for Tablet Rentals.

The tablets are not loaded with any special applications but you are welcome to download and use any application for the duration of your tablet hire.

Data handling

Registration & Sign Up Software

Many of our clients use tablets for events. As an additional service, we provide the service of setting up an event registration system complete with your own branding.

All data collected is your property.

Research & Feedback Software

Surveys, Polls & Competitions

We offer you the functionality to conduct surveys, polls and scratch and win competitions. 

Let us know what content you need for your surveys and polls and we will set up the forms for you.

Competitions prize giveaways are set up according to your specifications. 

All we need to know is what prizes you want to give away and how often, we will then program the software to do it for you.

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