SKYFIELD specialises in the supply of marketing technology based products for the eventing and hospitality industries. 

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Temporary WiFi Access Point

Event WiFi Rentals

Temporary WiFi rental solutions from SKYFIELD means you are able to provide visitors access to the Internet on the day of your event. 

Visitors will be able to browse the Internet, download your apps, post to social media orprovide live feedback at your Q&A sessions.

IPad Tablet Rentals

Tablet & iPad Rentals

Tablet rentals are the ideal companion for your event or expo stand, sign up new clients while walking around the venue, do personal presentations or use it as a lead capture tool.

Touchscreen computer rentals

Touch Screen & Computer Rentals

Touch screen computers are ideal for setting up quick registration desks or ticketing systems. We provide high qual;ity samsung touch screen computers running on Windows 10 software. 

Event Battery Charger

Battery Chargers with Video Screens

Event battery charging stations with video and slideshow content players are the ideal way to advertise your product while someone charges their phone, it also provides you with the opportunity to engage with them while they wait.

Our phone chargers are superfast and provides a quick battery boost within minutes. 

Desktop Media Player

Table Talker Video & Digital Display

The table talker video and digital display systems is a mini message board to be used on counters and table tops to provide a marketing video or slideshow. They are also a handy option for providing directional signage or short but important messages like “free WiFi available here”.

Event Applications

Event Applications

Event applications include programs such as surveys, polls, competitions and login splash pages for lead generation.

Tech based gifts

Promotional Items

Promotional items include gift and clothing, these are ideal for giveaways and prizes at your event. We have a strong leaning towards technology based items, give us a call and find out what’s new in stock.

Restaurant wifi

Hospitality WiFi Solutions

Hospitality WiFi solutions are now a combination of high quality fast access technology combined with marketing automation.This provides a much deeper level of client loyalty and top of mind awareness. With all the amazing abilities this solution has, it is a must see, give us a call for a free demo.

Design a complete marketing campaign with our WiFi based marketing solution.

We will work with you to design a fully integrated marketing campaign that is automated and can run for several months at very low costs.

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