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Computer Rentals

High Quality Samsung Touch Screen Computer Rentals.

Touchscreen computer rentals

Our touch screen computers rentals are ideal to use as a registration desk set up at your event because it makes it easier for attendees to fill in and confirm their details on arrival.

The screens are high definition and  are an exciting way to engage your clients and visitors during a presentation.

The screens support any type of media format so you can use them to play videos, slideshows and audio files.

The computer rentals are only available for short term rentals at events and conferences and not for long term hire.

The computers are WiFi enabled and can thus assist you to run any browser based applications that you need during your event.

Should you require any assistance with event based applications our team will be able to provide these for you.

Our company also provides WiFi rentals for events so you can use the to add connectivity to your computers and provide your staff and visitors with WiFi during the duration of your event.

Please give us a call on 011 465 2012 should you require any further information. 

All our computers run on Microsoft Windows 10.

Yes, Office 365 is available for use.

Yes, we can deliver and collect if you need us to.

WiFi routers are an optional extra we provide but all computers can log in to your current WiFi network as needed.

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