Event Battery Chargers

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Table Top Phone Charger Rental with video display
Video based mobile charging station and table talker
Mobile Phone Charging Stations

Event Mobile Phone Battery Charger and Table Advertising Player

Event battery chargers provide a valuable and fast charging option for your staff and visitors at events.

Engage your visitors and attendees with your video advertising messages while they complete their charge.

Use the split screen video screen to provide valuable insights about your product offering.

Display two pieces of content at the same time. 

Save the battery and increase usage time with motion detection on and off display.

Change all your content on your devices at once remotely with the built in wireless connection.

Access the operating system and software via the touchscreen.

Call SKYFIELD on 084 825 8000

Event Battery Charger

Battery Charging Stations are Available on a Per Event Rental Basis

Hire as many charging stations as you need for your event or expo stand.

The video facility can provide some dynamic options at gala dinners or conference tables.

The battery chargers can also be purchased directly from us and are ideal for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Salons, Shopping Malls, Waiting Areas and more.

Event Battery Charger

Charges Most Mobile Devices

Android and Apple device charging fixtures are include with the device.

An additional UBS Port plug allows for any other device that can be charged via USB to be charged.

Event Battery Charger with slideshow

Dual Screen for Branding or Adverts

The dual-screen means that you can have separate messages on each side of the device.

The split screen function means that each side’s screen can carry two different content pieces.

Most media file formats are supported by the devices.

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